Story of a Recovering Scale Watcher

Story of a Recovering Scale Watcher

What do you do when you have a kick butt before and After? Show it off to the World of course.

Heather H. recently finished our New Year New You contest and was one of our top finishers. She is the epitome of a woman who was not a large woman to start but due to eating styles, and genetics had that “Muffin Top.” When she sent me this before picture she was so excited.

She didn’t lost tons of weight 8lbs. and PUT ON almost 3 lbs of muscle. She lost ~ 6% body fat. What is the takeaway?

It is not about losing pounds. It is not about losing weight. Putting on muscle does not make you big. It is about getting strong. It is about getting lean. It is about redistributing your body.

That is how you look KICK ASS.

One last thing before I send all you gearheads into the world to congratulate this amazing woman. Heather is a recovering scale watcher. She would get on the scale multiple times per day. She would then obsess over all her nutritional habits based on the numbers on the scale.

As I write this, her scale is right beside me in my office. I took it from her when the challenge started. We all have days when water weight is high. Everyone has different times of day that you weigh more and less. Too much salt, weight is up. Starved yourself, weight is down but now you took off muscle (sorry, rant for another day.)

I didn’t tell her what she weighed for 6 weeks and made her promise not to get on a scale. Heather talked about feeling free. Better moods. Happier life. So bottom line, ditch the scale, and if you see Heather remind her how awesome she is.

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