Rob Davis

They are the best.  I walked into Results Only after driving by for over a year. After my first week I knew that Results Only was the place for me. It’s like having your own personal trainer, but more fun. The trainers are experienced and take a personal interest in you. They can tell when you are having problems and adjust your work out accordingly. They greet you by name when you arrive, and always say have a good day as you leave.  They really do put their heart and soul into their clients. During the summer months my family lives in San Diego.  I come back to Phoenix two days a week.  I like Results Only so much that I make sure I get in three classes while I am in town.  I could work out in California, but it just isn’t the same, I know I get better results at Results Only. Results Only is unique. When I started a new program with my doctor, they followed up with me after every appointment, and even volunteered to go to the appointments with me. I’ve told them, and I’m telling you THEY ARE THE BEST, and I mean it.