Nutrition Help?

Nutrition Help?

Nutrition Help?

By: Bobby Kelly

Nutrition help? You asked! One of the things that people ask for regularly: “I need nutrition help.” I appreciate that nutrition is an anomaly for many. How much of this to add, what do I take out of my diet etc. are all good questions.

Unfortunately many people want a magic pill. ‘If I take this magic pill I will fit into my jeans.’ ‘I can still eat all the bad stuff I want, have as much alcohol and sugar that I want and presto, instant (insert celebrities name here) perfect body.’

If you have been trying to get in the best shape of your life for a while you have probably heard:

  • Body’s are made in the kitchen.
  • You cannot out train a a bad diet.
  • Exercise is 20-30% of the work diet is 70-80%
    or something like that.

People write in and ask can you talk about the macros in my diet? Can you help me pick the right fats? What is the perfect meal plan? How much coconut oil do I add to my protein shakes?

I cannot tell you how frustrating this can be for a professional trainer. Why you ask?

Well lets start with the obvious, there is no magic pill. If I had it, I would be on the TV 24 hours a day selling it and living on that island I keep telling you about. Next, people want to do all the difficult stuff but they don’t already do the easy stuff. Seriously…why are you asking about portions of probiotics and what is the difference in protein servings between brown rice and quinoa when they don’t do the easy stuff first?

So here ya go, 7 things to do starting today before asking for nutrition help. Ready?

  1. Drink roughly your body weight in water every day. Yep that’s right, if you want to weigh 125 lbs drink 125 ounces.
  2. Eat 1 gram of protein pr lb of body weight you want to weigh every day. Again 125 lbs 125 grams of protein.
  3. Learn how to your portion you food. How you may ask? Easy solution. Eat roughly the size of your fist of protein and vegetables and half the size of your fist for carbs. (see picture). Don’t stray form the picture. It is easy to guess wrong.
  4. a) Drink a protein shake with 25-50 grams of protein with in 15-20 minutes of finishing your workout. b) If you have to drink a protein shake after your workout then you NEED TO workout 4-5 days a week intensely (not a slow jog for an hour.)
  5. Remove all major crap from your daily eating. You already know what crap is. And it doesn’t count if you buy it at 7-11 or if it is in the conference room at your office or your secretaries desk. Crap be gone. Not, “but I only had one!” If you have any doubt if it is part of a healthy food plan, it probably is.
  6. Allow yourself one or two cheat meals a week. 1-2 only.
  7. Limit yourself to 1 alcoholic beverage. NO you can’t save up and have 6 on Friday night. If you like to cook with a glass of wine so be it. Don’t let it become 2. If you are worried 1 glass leads to 2 skip it completely.

Biggest one of all: do all of this for 30 days without missing a day. If you can do this for 30 days then do it for another 30. Once this is your go to plan and you think that you can make it work easily, then all the other stuff can come into play. Until then your asking for a band aid on a limb that is bleeding profusely.

It is not as hard as you think but you have to start somewhere.

So final question, do need info on meal preparation? If so leave a comment below.

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