Common Exercise Mistakes: Recovery

Common Exercise Mistakes: Recovery

Common Exercise Mistakes: Recovery
By: Bobby Kelly

While there are probably plenty of other common mistakes, lets focus today on recovering after your workout.

Sometimes people go so hard, so often they don’t every get to recover. They go hard for days and days and days straight. At Results Only Fitness we have recovery workouts built into all of our routines. That means that we have some challenging days where we really push people to go as hard as they can, followed by a lighter day.

They’re still coming in the gym but they’re not going at 80, 90, 100%. It’ll be a lighter day of weights more mobility, balance, and stability exercises as opposed to strength, push, power and metabolic exercises. Your body gets pulled apart during your workouts. Muscles get micro tears. That is the only way to create hypertrophy. If they can’t heal you will not get better.

It’s safe to say that another whole post should be used on sleep. Eight hours seems like a luxury to many. Especially people with small children. However, the people who look and feel the way you would like to look and feel usually get between seven and eight hours of sleep a night.

Lots of science behind that but rest assured, turning off Fallon, Kimmel or Colbert is probably your best bet. If you have to get up early, you have to shut the TV off early. And NO, sleeping in on Sunday until noon doesn’t help. Consistent regular 7 to 8 hours of sleep will give you more benefit than anything else I’ve written about so far.

What did we learn? Leave time for recovery. Sleep more.

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