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Success Stories

Here’s what our clients are saying


I joined the Results Only family in 2008.  There have been many changes in my world since then – births, deaths, engagements, employment, illness, weight, travels – many losses and gains!  Isn’t that the way it is for all of us?  Life happens!

But you know what hasn’t changed?  My commitment to Results Only Fitness.  And in large part, much of that is because of the Results Only staff’s commitment to ME!  It’s almost 12 years since I first came through the doors of this gym – a long time, considering how many short spurts I spent at other large gyms in my younger years when you’re pretty much on your own and don’t seem to build a strong relationship with anyone at the gym.  Of course, it takes energy to come to Results Only Fitness on a regular basis, but the Results Only staff is right with me all the way.  Quite simply, coming to the gym on a regular basis has become a part of my life.

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For years I put my job and my work first.  Finally, I walked through the doors and realized that all the stress I was putting on my body took its toll. Working with Bobby and his team allowed me to work through my injuries and my busy schedule.  It took a few months but with steady progress and proper nutrition I was able to reach my goals.  Thanks to the whole Results Only Team for giving me my life back.



Working out was not new to me.  I belonged to a big box gym before but was looking for someone to help me prioritize the exercises and figure out how often I should train. And I was ready to get myself into the best shape of my life.  As you can see from the pictures, I was able to get my body fat down to single digits and I didn’t have to give up everything I liked to eat.

The crew taught me to balance some cheat meals with intensifying my workouts so I could push myself.  As I move states to take on a job, I know this new chapter of my life has been built with a solid foundation and I can keep my routine s going so I don’t lose any of the gains I have made while at Results Only Fitness.


College partying took a toll on me.  I worked out but chose yoga and running without a lot of strength training.  I wanted a change.  After coming to Results Only Fitness for just a few weeks I could tell my clothes felt better and I was getting stronger.  The trainers taught me the importance of functional training combined with a solid, regular workouts with weights would give me the body I wanted.

I am so thankful my mom and I joined ROF and that I learned a whole new style and way to train.



When I say Bobby and Results Only literally saved my life, that is an understatement. After years and years of uncontrolled eating and emotional anguish I reached out over the internet.

I was not ready for anything in person and the web was anonymous. Bobby agreed to meet me at my home for a few weeks while I learned to move again. Walking to the mailbox and then around the block were a complete hardship but after a few months I was able to walk a mile.

This journey would not be short. It would take years to get me from 680 lbs to the 245 you see in the picture. Bobby would attend doctor’s appointments, work me through challenges and help me stay motivated. There is not enough space to write the vast pages it would take to tell this whole story. Let’s just say that if you need motivation, proper training and a team to support you, Results Only Fitness is the place.


Results Only has been a part of my life since it was a part of a three-car garage home gym over the 13 years ago. I’ve known the owners of Results Only, Bobby and Kelly, for almost 20 years. In many ways I’m your typical gym rat – I work too much, don’t eat properly most of the time, love to drink a few cocktails more than once a week, carry too much weight around my middle most of the time, and after all these years, I’m still amazed I choose to go the gym at least 4-5 times per week. Maybe my story will demonstrate to you why I believe this gym is second to none!

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So what’s different about Results Only?  Of course, the trainers are great, of course the workout is HARD.  The difference?  RO feels like family.  I love coming to the gym, seeing friends, and getting my but kicked at 5:30 a.m.  After 5 years of training I can honestly say my core and endurance are as good and strong as ever.  Thanks Results!”

Chuck Carter

They are the best. I walked into Results Only after driving by for over a year.

After my first week I knew that Results Only was the place for me. It’s like having your own personal trainer, but more fun. The trainers are experienced and take a personal interest in you. They can tell when you are having problems and adjust your work out accordingly. They greet you by name when you arrive, and always say have a good day as you leave. They really do put their heart and soul into their clients.

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I had a bucket list item.  Climb Kilimanjaro.  First problem. I was out of shape and not ready. Second problem, I only had 6 months.  The staff took me on, said I needed to start right away, and that it would only work if I stayed diligent to the plan. A little trust, and a lot of hard work and as you can see, I reached my goal.   I was so excited, I felt compelled to take a picture with my Results Only shirt at the top of Kili. I have set some new goals and working out at my gym will be part of every physical goal on my list.

Don Briese

As a Podiatrist and Surgeon in Central Phoenix I found myself working extremely long hours in my practice and working on my feet doing surgeries for hours on end. That lead to some very unhealthy eating habits and very little time for exercise. Bobby was a lacrosse coach for both my sons and I saw what a great influence he was on them, so I thought I would try Results Only and I am glad I did. I have completely changed my physical life around. I have lost 33 lbs. and have gone from a size 36 to a 30! I was going through my closet recently and came across an old jacket . I once completely filled it out! I am so much happier to be more fit as a surgeon and a healthier role model to my children and patients.

Steve Geller



Dear Kelly and Bobby,

After years of being a musician I found that my lifestyle had completely lost any sense of movement. I knew something had to change but I have never been the athletic kind of person so I certainly didn’t think I could do anything in a gym. After a friend told me about The Solution I knew I needed just that… a solution to my problem. Just 8 weeks later and I have dropped all the unnecessary weight I was carrying and I have made my body move like never before. The workouts have great music too!

Take it from me.

James Arthur

As a teacher, I know more than many, the challenges of making time to work out and get in shape. The Solution has helped me find ways to make it a daily part of my life. I have not only taken inches and fat of my body but I know that I can make fitness a part of my life no matter how busy my days are.

Stacy Kairis


My life was very sedentary before I started the program, however, during The Solution my life became extremely active, I had more energy, I felt better about life in general. My confidence in myself has soared and I have a lot of motivation to keep working out. I put on the audio workouts and I just get going. I love working out and I’m making sure that I keep it a part of my daily routine. If someone was thinking about trying The Solution I’d tell them to definitely go for it. Just jump right in. It’s really easy, it’s really fun and you just keep moving forward.

Mary Proctor